Starting a family is one of the biggest decisions to make in life, yet having a child is not always easy. Although many spend the first few years of their reproductive lives using contraceptives to avoid pregnancy, when they do want children approximately 12 % of couples prove to be infertile.

The average couple will take six months to conceive even if they are fertile. For some it can be stress related and requires getting that work life balance right, or it may be that working/career couples have wanted to leave it later in life to start their family. Whatever the reason, infertility is a very common problem.

Acupuncture can be directed at specific health problems such as polycystic ovarian syndrome and irregular menstrual cycles through to general health problems such as stress and can be used as a sole treatment or used in conjunction with western medical fertility treatment.

Infertility should not be considered to be just a biological process that needs to be addressed. Couples who experience infertility are very aware of the stress that it can cause to each individual, and the effect it can have on their relationship. It is very successful in treating infertility in both women and men, and since acupuncture treats the body, mind and spirit it is hugely beneficial in helping relieve the emotional and stress related problems, as well as addressing the infertility itself. infertility.

· Research shows that acupuncture improves the function of the ovaries to produce better quality eggs

· TCM helps to regulate the hormone levels to help produce a larger number of follicles.

· Increased blood flow to the uterus in turn creates a thicker uterine lining. The result is better likelihood of implantation of the embryo to the uterus.

· During implantation of the embryos, acupuncture and herbs can help prevent the uterus from contracting, thereby also preventing the patient from experiencing painful cramps.

· Lessen the side effects of the drugs used in IVF, such as emotional instability, insomnia, palpitations, etc.

· Acupuncture can strengthen the immune system.

· For males, TCM can improve the quality and quantity of the semen to create better quality embryos. Acupuncture offers women and their partners the opportunity to prepare for conception through optimising their general and reproductive health and providing natural fertility support where necessary.


"Give your baby the best possible start in life"